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Four Sigmatic Focus Blend 8 Superfoods Adaptogen Blend Mix

Four Sigmatic Focus Blend 8 Superfoods Adaptogen Blend Mix

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  • NATURE’S ENERGY BOOST — We combined seven genius ingredients into an earthy blend that’ll transform anything into a focus food. Our extracted mushroom and adaptogen powder is formulated for energy, creativity, and laser-sharp focus. Smarten up coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, and even baked goods. It’s absolutely brilliant. The cleverest thing about it? It’s absolutely uncaffeinated.

  • INTELLECTUALLY INVIGORATING MUSHROOMS — The scientific name for Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) kind of sounds like “Hercules”, and with good reason. Used for a millenia in Native American and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lion’s Mane mushroom powder is an easy way to beef up your brain when you need a focus aid, providing considerable cognitive support. Each scoop contains approximately 500mg of this mind magnifying mushroom extract.

  • HARVESTING THE ANCIENT ENERGY OF CORDYCEPS — Cordyceps were first discovered by sherpas of the Himalayan mountains, they gave a lift in physical energy, greater endurance and easier breathing at high altitudes. Today, Cordyceps militaris is used for the same benefits originally discovered by the sherpas, with loads of scientific research to validate the compounds responsible for its energizing effects. Each scoop contains approximately 250mg of extracted Cordyceps powder.

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